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Framed Paintings

I regret that I am unable to post framed paintings owing to the prohibitive costs.

hares stubble

C6 Hare Bells 10X8"

C39 Hare in Stubblefield 8X6"

C47 C46

C38 A Barn Owl 9X6"

C37 The Timbertops 8X6"

C4 C2

C4 Autumn Hare 7X5"

C2 Winter Hare 7X5"

C12 C36

C36 A Frosty Morning 7X5"

C12 Bluebells & Badgers 6X8"

C16 C17

C16 Fly Agaric and Oak 7X5"

C17 Fly Agaric & Beech 7X5"

C14 c3ii

C14 Morning 7X5"

C3 Spring Hare 7X5"

C30 A Kentish Meadow 5X7"

C26 Ploughing Power 5X7"

C31 A Friesian Cow 7X5"

sheepii Fries.ii C42

C42 A Snowy Path 8X6"

C26iii C43

C43 A Still-Life in Spring 5X7"

C53 Badgers in the Snow 7X5"

C35 Bluebell Wood (fox) 7X5"

2  badgers blue,bell fox Stubble2 Ayrshire On The Prowl 2 Hens DSCN0364

C32 An Ayrshire Cow 7X5"

C40 A Stubble Field 8X6"


C15 Two Hens 5X7"

C41 Woodcock 5X7"

C1 Running Hare 5X7"

C28 On The Prowl 5X7"


C9 Red Grouse 7X5"

C33 The Water's Edge 9X12"

hare ducks highlnd

C24 A Misty Glen  10X12"

1 2 3

AV9 The Biter Bit 11X14"

AV5 White Five 11X14"

AV10 Normandy Patrol 11X14"



C11 Pheasants 10X7"


C34 Redbreast 7X5"

1b slenkier remagen mk9 this

C8 Bluebells 7X5"

AV1 Final Patrol 9X12"

AV8 The First Day of The Last Year 11X14"                

AV7 Remagen Strike 11X14"

AV4 Spitfire MkIX 'JE-J' 8X8"

C25 Lonely Toil 8X10"

AV2 Late Swallows 9X12"

revised reynard.

C29 Reynard 7X5"

bluebells Lonely Toil 1 2

C9 Red Grouse 7X5"

C10 Pheasant Pair 7X5"